Woman Dieting

Tips To Keeping Your Body In Shape

Keep Your Body in Shape by Nourishing it

It is easy to fall in the trap of thinking that the best way to keep your body in shape is to eat less. Many people, women especially, start eating less, avoiding carbs, sweets, fats. The truth is, this is only how to have a body in shape in the less amount of time, but it usually lasts for a little time.

When you deprive your body of something, in such a strict, unhealthy way, the body and the brain start craving for the substances you are denying them. And once you get close to them, well… you won’t be able to start eating!

Instead, to keep your body in shape, what you have to do is nourishing it with good, wholesome, healthy food. This includes carbs, proteins, fats and all the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to function properly.

Every meal should contain a balance of all the essential nutrients. Eating healthy is not hard at all. And it is not expensive either if that is what you think. To eat healthily is not about investing in expensive seeds or superfoods. It is about cooking, adding fruits and vegetables and keeping things simple.

To start with try to limit the highly processed food. For example, those pre-made meals, frozen nuggets or even the granola bars you might be thinking it is good for you! Instead of the bar, eat a fruit and some nuts: it will give you carbs, proteins and fats and will make a good, balanced and healthy meal. Instead of buying pre-made food, cook your own.

If you think you don’t have time, cook bigger quantities for the week. It will also help you with portioning. Don’t think pasta and bread are bad for you: carbs are the main, fast-available source of energy in our body. And fats are what membranes in our body are made of. Also, our brain is mainly made of fats: feed it!

Fiber is important because they help our digestive system. Again, the key stays in the balance: a good, nourishing meal has it all.

Remember: you don’t have to starve to be healthy! Eat veggies and fruits, add lean protein sources (chicken, legumes, fish) and your daily dose of fats (nuts, avocado, salmon). Exercise daily and eat: this is the only way you can keep your body in shape, in a healthy way.