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Control Hypertension With Exercise

The Best Exercises for those with Hypertension

We all need to exercise. But in this case we must keep our hypertension monitored and controlled. Exercise can bring us great benefits for hypertension, besides that exercising is a habit that helps us to have an excellent healthy lifestyle. Although we can not leave behind a proper diet.

The best exercises for hypertensive people

Generally this may seem a bit contradictory to you, but raising your heart rate when you suffer from hypertension is not harmful. Physical exercise helps greatly to reduce blood pressure, reduces the risk of chronic disease, and also improves physical condition and fitness.

Aerobic Exercise

When it comes to being an aerobic activity, the main thing to do is to measure and monitor the pulse and breathing.

If it is a weighty exercise, it is essential that you moderate the amount of weight. If you are not very experienced with aerobic exercise and you are not in very good physical condition, it is advisable to first go for a walk at a good pace for a period of 20 minutes, and then gradually increase it as the days go by.

Exercise on a bicycle

This type of exercise is based on resistance, and is highly recommended. Performing it frequently and taking the necessary measures, can provide great benefits such as:

Strengthening the cardiovascular system.
Activates the metabolism.
Improves the body’s immune response.

It is also an excellent option to strengthen and tone the leg muscles, without overloading the joints. It is recommended to perform this exercise 3 times a week, during sessions of 20 or 30 minutes.


An exercise that has an excellent mix between fun and cardiovascular strengthening. As we know, in order to perform this exercise, we must move our whole body constantly, so this helps improve circulation, and burns a lot of calories thanks to the increased metabolism.

And that is not the only thing, practicing it regularly, will help you improve cholesterol levels, control blood pressure, and is able to remove the stress accumulated during the day.

Leg Stretching

Believe it or not, the constant movement of the legs helps to improve the circulation in that specific area, so this also helps to keep the heart from overloading. This type of exercise is able to eliminate the knots of tension that hinder the passage of blood. In addition, it also has the ability to relax the muscles.

A fairly basic exercise, but a very good one.