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Three Supplements To Help With Acne

A clear, fresh complexion is synonymous with beauty, health and well-being. We have experienced the dread of waking up to fresh pimples and the stress of hiding a yet another acne break out.

How much many have we all spent over years buying the latest and greatest acne products hoping to make spots a thing of the past? Treating our skin externally is the obvious solution but what if there was another option to treat our skin from the inside out?

Here are 3 different supplements that you can add to your diet, to help reduce and manage those unwanted acne breakouts.


One of the best supplements you can take to improve the overall condition of your skin and manage your acne is Zinc. Zinc is an essential trace element that is required in small amounts for human health. Skin cells are particularly dependent on zinc and that’s why it can help reduce acne.

It is estimated that a high percentage of our population is Zinc deficient because of our grain based diet. Modern diets do not practice the soaking or sprouting of grains that negates physic acid. Phytic acid prevents our body from absorbing zinc from our food causing deficiency.

An at home Zinc test using the Zinc Challenge method is an easy way to establish your Zinc levels. Place 1 teaspoon of liquid zinc in your mouth and hold it there for 30 seconds. If you immediately experience an unpleasant, metallic taste you likely have excellent Zinc levels. A mild taste that increases over time suggests you have average Zinc levels and if you experience very little, to no taste at all, this can indicate you are very deficient.


The relationship between our gut and overall health has only recently been established but as more studies are conducted the link becomes ever more apparent.

A healthy gut with a balanced micro-biome improves both physical and mental health. Unfortunately many of us have compromised our gut health through the use of medicines, particularly antibiotics. Antibiotics can kill good bacteria and allow “bad” bacteria to grow unchecked, taking over the gut. When your gut is imbalanced the body’s ability to absorb and utilize nutrients from your diet, fight infection or maintain over all health are all compromised.

However, all is not lost. You can take probiotic supplement, particularly one containing saccharomyces boulardii, to help to rebalance the gut by repopulating it with good bacteria. Improved gut health will help the digestive tract to perform properly, extracting the nutrients it needs to keep you and your skin healthy.


Niacinimide is a form of vitamin B-3 and is not to be confused with Niacin which is a different form of vitamin B-3. Niacinimide can help protect your skin from environmental damage and also helps to reduce inflammation and redness. Taking an oral supplement of niacinimide can help prevent the flare up of acne and also improve the appearance of an existing breakout.

In addition to taking a supplement for acne it is also important to pay attention to your over all diet. Remember to eat a balanced diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables to maintain your overall health and cut back on sugar and dairy products to help reduce breakouts.