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Tips To Keeping Your Body In Shape

Beating Those Food Cravings

Food cravings; The ultimate weightless kryptonite. You can buy the cutest workout outfits, stock up on the right ingredients and subscribe to all the health memberships, but once those craving hit- you’re done for.

Not anymore! look no further than the list below for the best tips to defeat those pesky cravings. Once and for all!


To be successful at any health kick; you need to fist program your brain to raise above all temptation. In this case, you need to adopt the “oh well” mentality. If you are going to give up on anything, give up on those cravings ahead of time. Let us explain: next time you feel a craving creeping up just tell yourself “oh well”. “Oh Well, I’ll just have to eat some grapes instead” or “oh well, I guess it’s time to go for for a 5 minute walk”.

You get the idea! Whatever motivates you and redirects your mind. Giving yourself that matter of fact attitude, will help you move on from those cravings quickly and easily.


If you absolutely feel like you need a supplement to help you beat cravings, may we suggest L-Glutamine. This amino acid has been found to reduce and in some cases, completely eliminate cravings. Taking L-glutamine supplements up to three times a day with meals will help stable your blood sugar, giving you the perfect defense against cravings.


Well outside of course. Study after study has proven spending time outdoors not only reduces stress; but it also helps improves memory and makes for a great workout. Not outdoorsy? Not to worry.

Getting out doesn’t have to mean grass and trees. Go to the mall. Walk to your local coffee shop, the library, literally anywhere. Once you’re out you’ll have better things to look forward to than those measly treats.


How about choosing the times you can allow yourself to give in to cravings? Setting a designated time when you can allow yourself to have a portion of your guilty pleasure is a good way for you to have the best of both worlds.

You remain in control and still get to enjoy yourself. There you have it! follow these tips and you’ll have one less thing to worry about in your health journey.