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Tips To Keeping Your Body In Shape

How to Manage Stress with Smart Nutrition Choices

Nowadays, our lifestyles are filled with overwhelming stress and tight schedules that sometimes don’t even allow us time to relax, unwind and practice some self care. This can have devastating effects on our health: from the more immediate ones like anxiety, depression, panic feelings, migraine, stomach issues and an eventual emotional breakdown or burnout.

Much more serious stress related ones like cardiovascular issues, increased blood pressure, as well as the inability to manage emotions and others that might cause a medical emergency like a stroke or heart attack can also arise.

While stress is inevitable and can be good for our health in small quantities, feeling chronically stressed is really no good. If we want to make progress, we need to make lifestyle changes that are small and sustainable, and one easy way to start is making improvements to our diet.

For example, there’s plenty of herbal teas, like chamomile, Valerian and lavender, that are good for getting rid of stress.

There’s also plenty of vitamins that help regulate your stress levels, like vitamin C or vitamin B1 and so do minerals like magnesium, zinc and calcium.

You can add supplements to your diet, or for a tastier option, add nuts and greens to your diet, as they both have a very high concentration of vitamins, minerals, healthy oils and amino-acids that will help you feel better in no time.

Not only this, but make sure to allocate time for self care. Nowadays we are so pushed into a “must produce” mindset that having time for ourselves makes us feel guilty, but it’s actually really good, even for our job performance. Taking some of these easy to get teas and supplements can make us a bit calmer.

The less stressed we are, the more healthy, happy and productive we can be. Make sure that you are your priority and take care of yourself as much as possible: even something as small as drinking your favourite tea can do wonders for getting rid of the stress !