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Simple Tips To Avoid Sugar

How to avoid sugar at work

Controlling your sugar intake is much easier than trying to control your cravings at work. Here are a few ideas you could use to ignore your cravings at work!

Make a real effort. You know your supply of sweets at work? You need to throw them all out. No more sweets at work. Certain times of the years are also treat heavy such as Halloween or Christmas. Avoid the desks or parts of the offices that might contain them like the pantry.

Don’t go there! Instead, take your lunch and eat it outside at a park.

Tell your friends about it. There are sure to be people at work who have a similar problem to you. Find them and both of you can encourage each other to avoid junk food.

  • Start packing lunch and snacks to work.
  • Substitute the junk food with whole fruits such as apple, pear and peaches.
  • Bring a salad to work too.
  • Fill your salad with capsicum, cucumber, lettuces, and tomatoes and top it with a little olive oil dressing.
  • If you do need your junk food fix, you could have your choice of unsweetened and unsalted chips.

Don’t skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast will lower your blood sugar and makes you more vulnerable to your sugar cravings. Eat your breakfast before you go work. Fill it with protein or multi grained cereal to start you on your day.

Read the labels. If you’ve got a cafeteria at work, make sure you read the labels first before purchasing. They are often laden with artificial sweeteners and are considered fake food. 

If you must, limit yourself to homemade treats only. If someone brought in cookies they have baked, don’t offend them. Say no to all company packed sugar foods.

Lastly, make a conscious decision today to kick your habit. Remember you can make this happen!