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Tips To Keeping Your Body In Shape

3 Easy Ways to Keep Your Portions in Control

You may think that you are consuming the proper portion sizes needed, but chances are that this isn’t completely true. This isn’t to say that this is any way your fault, as it truly isn’t, but rather what is considered to be an acceptable serving grows with each passing year.

This makes it harder to estimate what a proper serving size really is and leads to overeating. Overeating is not at all healthy and can lead to issues such as weight gain and a heightened blood sugar.

To help you control your portions and be as healthy as possible, we have accumulated the best tips to help you. To acheive your desired weight you should simply just pick a few of these tips that will work best with your particular lifestyle in an effort to watch the weight fall right off.

Don’t skip meals

This particular tip has a bigger impact than one would ever expect. You may think that skipping a meal would help your weight loss goals, but it actually has the ability to do the exact opposite. When you are very hungry from the lack of food you will find yourself making servings that are considered to be far too much.

You should ultimately have a goal to consume a meal that is filled with a solid amount of protein and fiber within the span of every few hours. This will directly combat the initial issue of overeating and could even help prevent the dreaded afternoon slump.

Start a food journal

Seeing the amount of food that you have consumed throughout the day can really be an eyeopening experince for many. Studies have actually been conducted that show that keeping accurate records of the food consumed in one day can lead to fewer snacks and sweet treats being consumed later in the day. To keep your appetite at bay and your portions in check we totally urge you to do this and see the results for yourself.

Drink more water

Water is refreshing and the very best part is that is doesn’t have any calories. It is truly a win-win situation. Beyond that, water is considered to be necessary for your body to function as intended.

Due to the fact that there are no calories involved with this refreshment it is easy to considerably cut down on the amount of calories being consumed and curb your appetite.