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Tips To Keeping Your Body In Shape

Dieting. Balanced diet based on raw organic vegetables

The Starter To A Balanced Meal Plan

Since childhood, we are told to “eat a balanced meal”. But this beautiful theory is often difficult to put into practice because of lack of time, energy, money, morale, irrepressible desire to nibble …

What it if wasn’t so complicated?

Let’s see how to prepare your meals and make an art out of it.

Balanced meal: basic rules

To satisfy the needs of our body in nutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, fibers, etc.), essential to its operation, it is necessary to diversify your diet.

It’s good to take care not to exclude any category of foods, to consume enough (without excess), according to their benefits and our needs (sex, age, height, weight, physical activity, …)

Thus, an ideal meal would consist of:

  • A raw and / or cooked vegetable
  • A source of animal protein: meat, fish, egg
  • A portion of starchy foods (cereals, potatoes, pasta, bread, …)
  • A dairy product (cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, …)
  • A cooked or raw fruit

Balanced meal type for a woman

  • An entry: raw vegetables or soup
  • One serving (130 g on average) of meat or fish, or 2 eggs
  • A portion of vegetables (200 g)
  • A portion of bread (30 to 50 g) and / or starchy food (100 to 150 g cooked)
  • A dairy product: yoghurt, 100 g of cottage cheese or faisselle, 30 to 40 g of cheese …
  • A dessert: fruit or other

By eating the right amounts, the ones that fit your body, you can also keep your weight and form.

Here’s an example menu:

  • Grated carrots vinaigrette
  • A chopped steak with green beans and some steamed potatoes
  • A natural yoghurt
  • A compote


Obviously, everyone can and must adapt this model according to their habits and taste. The entry for example is not essential, although helps with better weight management. Do not force yourself to swallow a complete meal if you are not hungry.

Similarly, it is not always easy to follow the starter / main course / cheese / dessert when you have a break of 30 minutes to eat.

The key is to achieve a balanced diet on a daily basis, that is to say, to provide your body with the energy and nutrients it needs to function in optimum form.