Woman Dieting

Tips To Keeping Your Body In Shape

The Best Way You Can Nourish Your Body and Be Healthy

Sadly, there are many misconceptions on nutrition. With many women struggling to lose weight or to eat healthily, it is important to share real information on what it needs to nourish your body with good nutrients, without starving yourself.

Many people think that by eating less, they will be burning the excessive calories and therefore, lose weight. This is a common mistake that leads to the worst results. First of all, it is essential to point out that almost half of the weight that is lost by eating less comes from muscle tissue, not from fat.

Eating less also results in a slow down in your metabolism’s speed, since it will try to retain most of the calories you are feeding your body with.

In conclusion? Eating celery, carrots and pure salad will not help you to lose weight in the long run. Yes, you’ll see the numbers on the scale quickly getting down, but in reality, you are not losing fat.

Instead, you should eat regularly to keep your metabolism working. Focus on healthy food. Keep near you some fruits and nuts. Incorporate lean proteins (chicken, fish and legumes) at each meal. Eat plenty of vegetables and prefer wholewheat, starchy grains over processed bread and crackers.

Another thing to avoid is to believe that healthy smoothies, teas or “detox juices” will help you losing weight. Most of the times, those drinks are full of sugars and preservatives.

Even if smoothies can be very good for you, when struggling with losing weight, it is a lot better to eat whole fruits instead, which comes with fibres.

There are many “hidden calories” in the above-mentioned beverages. Try to drink loads of water, which increases digestion and the rate at which people burn calories.

A big, popular mistake is to lose hope when not seeing the results straight away. Following a healthy diet should become a lifestyle. There are no magic pills or super-food that will make you rapidly lose weight in a healthy way. Being healthy avoiding certain mistakes and lose excessive weight takes time, but it is rewarding.