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Why you should choose a pole workout

Article by: B. Hall

Why is the pole workout a great choice for you?

Sport helps to bring awareness to your body. Pole dance is a modern type of exercise that builds the mind and body. All ages can dance, and it is divided into three disciplines: 

Art, Sports, and Sexy.

From the look on your weighted body, you will feel better in your skin. Women will rediscover and show their sensuality, and men will find that it is not reserved only for the gentler sex. In addition, you lose weight. Clearly, the number of calories lost depends on the intensity of your workout, but it needs to start from somewhere.

When and where is the best time to do a pole workout?

If you are interested in this kind of exercise, do a little research, find the nearest places where you can practice a pole workout and subscribe to the gym or fitness place and enjoy this fun and beneficial workout. 

What are the benefits of pole workout?

Pole dance bars have long found their way from dark nightclubs to gyms. This increasingly common form of recreation is popular with both sexes and has many psychological and physical benefits. In addition to the competitive part, more and more fitness studios offer this type of recreation. It’s time to remove the veil of taboos and shame from this sport.

More benefits you can find below:

The cholesterol level is in balance;
Blood pressure is at a healthy level;
Active almost every muscle in the body;
Nervous system functions are way much better;
Helps to build your self- esteem and self- confidence;

Helps to improve your mood because, pole dance as any other form of workout, makes an impact on the hormone of happiness – endorphins;
You lose weight.

How to do a pole workout?

You decide to ignore prejudice and do something for yourself. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. You will see as you enter the hall, more and more people are opting for this form of recreation. All you have to worry about is bruising and muscle soreness. No one will give you high heels or you have to strip down to panties and bras.

Clearly, too much clothing is not a solution, because the stickiness of your skin helps you draw figures, but slowly. It is important that you feel comfortable.

The trainer will show you how to warm yourself first and then how to start doing pole exercises. However, adjust the intensity to your need, and as you begin to progress, feel free to increase the effort.