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Tips To Keeping Your Body In Shape

Helpful Tips For Weightloss If You Are A Diabetic

If you are overweight your odds of developing Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes goes up dramatically. We are talking about being obese, or having being diagnosed as such is a red flag to do something about your journey. One of the best ways for you to have weight loss and lower the odds of being diagnosed with diabetes is to start exercising. Exercise for diabetics is critical.

Although Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented, exercise is a phenomenal way to help control insulin sensitivity throughout the body. The exertion brought via the exercise routine causes your muscles to burn the glucose more efficiently. But a great side effect of the exercise will cause your metabolism to speed up, which in turn, will burn calories thus helping your body to shed those extra pounds.

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Even though Type 1 Diabetes cannot be prevented, it is possible to prevent Type 2. One of the first steps you must take to prevent it is to commence a weight management program that combines both exercise and healthy eating.

This can then follow up the healthy eating and exercise with the proper vitamins and herbal supplements. This can in turn reduce insulin sensitivity and help in maintaining and bringing our bodies into a healthy weight bracket.


Recent studies have determined that a 30 minute walk every day, can dramatically decrease the possibility of an overweight person contracting Type 2 Diabetes. The natural swing of the arms and legs will increase the circulation to the heart and lungs.

This in turn will reduce the chances for heart disease and help avoid the possibility of losing circulation in the lower extremities. This is a deadly side effect of diabetes.

Diabetics can often suffer from high blood pressure. This as you know causes a shrinking of the blood vessels and restricts blood flow to the extremities of the body, particularly the lower ones.

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Exercise of course lowers the blood pressure and in doing so opens the blood vessels. Thus increasing the blood flow to the lower extremities; which in turn prevents the terrible damage to the toes and feet of a diabetic or overweight person. 

However, this does not happen overnight and it is imperative to your weight loss and control/prevention of diabetes. Because the exercise should be done every day there are some inherent dangers which can be induced by the exercise. The good thing is if you are aware of these dangers you can stay ahead of the game.


1. If you are diabetic or borderline diabetic exercise will lower the blood sugar levels and you may become hypoglycemic. If you exercise alone always have a candy bar or a natural juice (orange juice) or other fruit juices which can quickly restore your blood sugar level.

2. Closely monitor how you feel physically during and after exercise. If you notice that you are feeling weak and drained or experience a sudden onset of hunger it’s possible your blood sugar levels are dropping below the safe level. Again go for the candy or the juices.

Weight loss and exercise for diabetics go hand in hand. It is important you work with your doctor or other professional health provider to make sure you are doing things right. You can control both weight loss and diabetes, don’t let them control you.